Long ago, in a world where villages and towns were under the protection of warriors from invasion. Each year, each town selects the strongest warrior to protect the land. Warriors then fight among each other to be selected as the strongest warrior of all nations. The winner will bring glory and honor to the town, and the town became the strongest and fearful one in history.

The loving healer.

Her village was stricken by a malicious disease. Seeing numerous villagers, who died day after day, Elise’s little heart could not bear it. She loves her people and wanted to save them. Knowing an ancient myth of a medical book bearing the secrets to cure any kind of sickness, Elise set out in search the book regardless of the danger she is about to face. Unlike the medical book as she had expected, she found a sorcerer’s book which can grant her a power of her choosing. As humble and pure as Elise, she chose the ability to heal and went back to her homeland to cure all the people she loved.

Color green - represents renew and rebirth.

The ultimate protector.

At the age of two, Finn lost his parents in a deadly war. As one of the survivors he struggled through starvation, lost hope, and gave up on living. A miracle happened when a young lady, named Ray, found him, brought him home, and raised him. She became a second mother to Finn. On one fateful day, villains attacked the town and left Ray heavily wounded. Since then, Finn sworn to protect his mother no matter what happens. Soon, he grew up as one of the strongest warriors and protected his town.

Color blue - represents trust and loyalty.

The aggressive fighter.

Born and raised in a family of nine kids, Tarrah is one troublemaker. She always picked fights with her siblings and broke many household items. From breaking dishes, vases, and tables, she successfully mastered the technique in breaking walls, bridges and buildings. Ironically, after becoming the town’s warrior, she ended up destroying more properties than she did protecting it. However, without her around, it would be a dull day for the town folks. They adore her energy and her determination in training to become the strongest warrior.

Color red - represents energy and power.

The swiftly nomad.

One of the most popular hotels in Levi's hometown is under the supervision of his father. Meeting and engaging in conversations overseas, Levi took interest in traversing to distant lands, and on his journey, he learned and brought back many secrets to improve not only himself but also his home town. Although he is rarely seen in his town, he has already become its strongest warrior and continued to improve himself by exploring many other secrets around the world

Color yellow - represents intellect and cheerful.