Game Rules


12 land tokens (3 each type)
Read Land Tokens for more info

6 shield tokens (3 for Finn, 1 for each other warriors)
Read Token for more info

23 health tokens
Read Token for more info

10 warriors token
Read Token for more info

4 warriors
Read Warriors Abilities for more info

A deck of cards (84 cards total, each warriors have 21 cards)
Read Types of Card for more info


Health token
Determines the amount of health a warrior hold.

Shield token
It cancel one ability effect (ability card or land token). The player can choose when to activate it. Shield tokens can be played anytime.

Warriors token
They will scatter around the map randomly at the beginning of the game. Behind each token is an action from the following:

Total 8 tokens. This token allows you to gain 1 land token corresponding to your warrior and keep it on hand. Each player can only hold max up to 3 land tokens.
Once this token has been used, it goes out of the game (discard pile) until it is needed again.

Total 2 tokens.This token has the power to remove any land token out from the map immediately.
Then the player to the right will randomly shuffle all the token on map, including this one and the ones in the discard pile, and randomly placed all them back on the map.

Set Up

Place all the ticket tokens randomly on map.

Pick a warrior and place them at any 4 corners.
Each warrior starts the game with:
- The warrior's deck of cards.
- 5 health tokens.
- 1 land token on hand watch with warriors:

Tarrah - Fire token
Levi - Thunder token
Elise - Tree token
Finn - Water token

Hexagons are Land marks.
Rectangels are placeholders for health tokens.

Sequence of Play

       I. Turn order
Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who plays first. Once the winner is decided, everyone follows clockwise for the entire game.

Every player will hold all 20 cards of the warriors on hand and play or not play a card per turn. Played cards will be placed on your own discard pile.

       II. Player's Turn
On your turn you can do or not do 2 OF THE actions.

1. Movement
You can have one free move to move your warrior one square to any direction.

2. Play 1 card.
Play a card from hand.
Played cards will go on your discard pile.

Objective: To reduce other players’ health tokens as much as possible.

How to win: The game ends when one last player has reminding health tokens or when one player ran out of cards to play on hand, and the player with the most remaining health token(s) is the winner. (Tie breakers: players shuffle all the cards again, take 5 random cards out of 20 and continue playing. The player with the most remaining health token(s) win.)

Warrior Abilities

When Ability card damages any players, it triggers the warrior’s ability.
1 damage is equal to 1 lost of a warrior’s health token.

Heal ability.
Gain 1 health token for every damaged warriors.
Limited to 8 health tokens.

Defense ability.
Gain 1 shield for every damaged warriors.
Limited to 3 shields.

Damage ability.
Attack twice on the same target, each time does 1 damage.

Movement ability.
Move to any position on the map within 3 square steps.

Land Tokens

There are 2 Land marks on map. When a player steps on one of the Land mark, and have a ticket, he/she can choose one of the following:
- Place one his/her land token on hand anywhere on the map.
- Replace one his/her land token on hand with any land token on the map.

Note: Land tokens cannot be place on landmarks,
-Cannot put on squares were players are currently standing.
-Cannot be put adjacent to each other vertically,horizontally, and diagonally.

Special Damage:
- When a player have more than 1 Land Token on the map, each additional token does +1 damage when attaking any player.
For example:
2 Land tokens = +2 dmg (when attacking)
3 Land tokens = +3 dmg (when attacking)

Players can step on any land tokens on the map. Each land token has a specific ability corresponding to each warrior. A player can hold up to 3 land tokens on his/her hand before use. The map can hold maximun of 3 land tokens of a color on the map. If a player replaced or remove a land token the token will be moved out of the map, and can be regained on hand with the land card.

Fire token (belongs to Tarrah):
Any player stepping on the land chooses 5 squares from either horizontal or vertical counting from the land as the third square out of 5 to do 1 damage. No damage taken when standing on the land.
Tarrah attack twice on the same target,
each time does 1 damage.

Thunder token (belongs to Levi):
Any player stepping on the token can move within 2 squares any direction on map.
Levi can move to within 3 squares any direction on map.

Tree token (belongs to Elise):
Any player stepping on the land gain 1 health token. Limited 5 health tokens for any player but Elise.
When Elise lands on tree token, she gets 1 health token and can gain up to 8 health tokens.

Water token (belongs to Finn):
Any player stepping on the land gain one shield. Limited 1 shield any player but Finn
When Finn lands on water token, he can gain 1 shield, and can hold up to 3 shields on map.

Types of Cards

Click on Warriors for deck of cards information

Movement card tells the direction and steps a player can make. Example: If the card says to move 1 step toward West or East, the player can choose 1 direction and move 1 square.

Ability card triggers when a player damages another player. Ability depends on warriors type.
Example: If you play Elise and the ability hits 2 players, you gain 2 health tokens.

Heal card gains you a health token. Limited to 5 health tokens for any warrior (including Elise).
Example: If you have 5 health tokens on hand, you cannot gain more.

Attack card deducts 1 health token from warriors standing on the attack range. The dot is the standing position of the attacker, and the colored square is the attack range. Example: When Finn plays this card, his position is the dark blue circle, and any warriors standing on the light blue square loses 1 health token.

Land card gains you a Land token on hand. Note: Hold up to 3 land tokens on hand.

Skill card only triggers if the requirement is met. There are 2 cards, each of them is different. One triggers when standing on the middle lane, and the other one triggers when losing 1 health token.

Defense card protects players from losing health token(s). This card can be played anytime.


• Can warriors stand in the same square?
Yes, they can.

• What is the different between defense cards and shield tokens?
When being attacked, defense card protects all damages from the attacker. Shield token does not protect damages but cancels an ability (ability card/land token ability) anytime.

• When Elise with 5 health tokens plays the heal card, can she gain more?
No. Heal card is limited to 5 health tokens for any warriors. Elise can only max up to 8 health tokens with tree land or ability cards.

• If a player is standing on the land mark since last turn, can they place a land token down?
No. They have to move out of the land mark and back in. The effect only triggers when landing on the mark, not standing on the mark.

• If a warrior is placed on the landmark by a different player who is allowed to put a land token down?
The player that place any warrior on the landmark gets to put that warrior's land token down, if any of the 2 players has a ticket.

• How will Tarrah’s ability work against the shield?
Tarrha can attack twice. Her first attack went pass the shield making the player lose 1 health token and the second attack (which is her ability effect) got canceled by the shield.

• Can a player move from thunder token to another thunder token?
Please use common sense and not wasting people’s time waiting on which land square you will step on :) and it is YES.